Are you expecting twins, triplets or more? Are you wondering what to expect? What yourebecca need? Parenting multiple birth children is an amazing experience but can also be uniquely challenging. And although you may have wonderful, supportive friends and family (which is great, if they offer to clean, cook, hold or change a baby – say YES) if they have only had singletons they may not understand what it’s like to manage multiple babies at one time. The members of VIMBA are here for you! We know the importance (and tricks for how to) feed two babies (or even 3) at one time! And why it is sanity saving to make sure that your babies sleep and eat at the same time (if anyone ever tells you to not wake a sleeping baby, think twice!). Having other parents who have been there to talk with helps the stress of the long days and nights dealing with situations unique to parents of multiples. We are all parents of multiples and we get it.

VIMBA is a 100% volunteer organization by Multiple Birth families for Multiple Birth Families


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